Moving Day!

Here comes the furniture! Ah I am SO EXCITED about today. New things are happening and I am HAPPY! I am so thankful for change and hope and moving on. I feel like last semester was such a struggle…Sophomore year was so hard on me but I really feel such a newness washing over me…I blame it on Gods grace! I can be made new every morning and that is so so so wonderful to me. I am currently sitting at Starbucks in HP village getting everything ready for convention..kinda looking through emails I never read haha and getting EXCITED! I’m sad a little though because Julie, our president and the other girl going with me, isn’t on my flight or even on my shuttle to the airport I don’t think. AND she isn’t even my roommate! But it’s ok we will be together during sessions and stuff so that will be hilarious. I’m praying that God would really open my heart to all that is Pi Phi and really tell me if this is where he wants me to really invest myself during college because so far that’s exactly where I’ve put my time and energy, as well as leadership skills. I hope he gives me a new excitement for Pi Phi and for the ministry it really is! I really believe he will.

Ok so yesterday I went to The Porch with Elsa, Georgia, Spam and my cousin, Stephanie. The Porch is a worship service at Water Mark Church. I’ve never been there until yesterday and it was beautiful! the talk went along perfectly with my quiet time which was VERY cool! It was from Philippians 4 talking about fear and worry…mainly how we worry about everything in our lives. Like everything. Who will we marry? What will we wear? Do we look good today? Are we going to live well? Will we be rich? All of these questions..I hate to say I have definitely wondered and hoped for the obvious answers…yes I want to look good, yes I want to be rich, yes I want to get married…now! Haha just kidding. But all of these things shadow what God wants to do in us TODAY. We miss out on opportunities because we are WORRYING. Lord I pray you will take my worry away and fill it with your peace. Peace that lets me know I am safe in your hands.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3