New Room Ideas

Ok everyone…I have a new room in the Dallas house with sea-salt colored walls a huge front horizontal window and A TON of potential for a beautiful room! Right now I have a white lace comforter with white lace pillows. A dark brown wooden four poster bed that has a matching dark wooden dresser with a mirror. So I have the main pieces to a room but need more ideas to make it perfect!

The main thing I am taking from these pictures are:

1. rugs

2. pops of color

3. mix and matching!

Here are some of my favorite ideas for rooms…a few colors/rugs can make the whole room!

This I love because there are SO many different things added in. My favorite has to be the over lapping rugs..while I won’t be doing that in my room at my PARENTS house it’s a great thing to remember for my own house. I must have an animal skin rugs…I’m sorry but must must must!

Next thing I love in this is the deer antlers..right by the chandelier! I LOVE THAT! The few pops of colors are also something I am taking notes on…need some color in my new room.

This is obviously very different from the first picture I showed. What I like about this is the simplicity. And I love love love the blanket with fur..I’m a sucker recently for animal skin FAUX is best of course. The one long pillow is so simple and I love that it is supposed to resemble a feed sack fabric. The windows are a lot like the ones that are in my new room. Mine seem to be lower and a little bit longer though.

The thing about this picture is obviously the pillows! So many colors and different textures. I’m happy with my white comforter because it will be easy to add colors through different pillows. Recently when I was in Wyoming, my Mom and I went into a store in Jackson that had the most beautiful turquoise and orange pillows…interesting combination huh? But my favorite thing was silver sequins that were sown on them! Might need to try something like that in my new room!

This room is by far my favorite I think. Mainly because of the sealing and all of the wood. Absolutly gorgoues! And that chandelier…WOW. But the main reason I posted it for ideas of my new room is because of the orange rug! Aaahhhh!! My room is so plain right now and a pop of color would do wonders in it..I just need to figure out if my sea salt color will look good with potentially…an orange rug! The one in this picture is ideal because it isn’t one solid color so it brings a nice blend to everything.

I love the strips on this bedding. It is so fun and easy to accesorize! Don’t you think? The small windows are so cute also!…The quote in the missdle circle says…”We are so good together”. CAN NOT wait to decorate my future home!

I think it is so fun to add a personal touch to a room as well so I’ve asked my sister, Whitney and two of my best friends BriAnn and Georgia to bring me a rock or sea shell from their adventures abroad. BriAnn will be in Uganda, Georgia in London and Whitney in Spain. My Dad started this collection in Malibu and recently from Wyoming he added to it, each rock he’s written a little note on. I’ll put my collection in a glass bowl! I think it will be pretty!

I’ll try and put up more pictures from when my room is being put together.

Moving/packing up starts TOMORROW! YIPPEE!!! Furniture will come from McKinney on Thursday!!


Home and Happy

Today is Sunday and we are back home for Father’s Day!

We had an amazing time in WYOMING and I am so sad that I didn’t get to blog more while I was there!

Already missing my buddy Rebel!

It was a great day at church and I really enjoyed college sunday school! But as we were studying Phillipeans…THE FIRE ALARM went off haha! A first for me in church. It was very exciting to say the least HAHA! This week is moving week…AKA stressful but very exciting! I am a little bummed about my room because for Whitney’s room she chose a beautiful coral color and for mine I went with a light green blue it is SO pretty but it doesn’t quite pop like Whitney’s room! I’m going to post ideas for my room later, just wanted to check in!