I am in awe! Tonight was amazing the DALLAS MAVERICKS pulled through and beat the heat to win basically the WORLD championship. This team has so many veterans that have been playing and working and working and WORKING for this for years! No team could have deserved it MORE…side note…so glad that the Heats “Top 3” didn’t turn up…just shows that being a show off doesn’t bring in wins…might bring in commercial deals but HARD work like Dirk has shown brings many rewards. I know you’re thinking you are WAY too into this but these series show perseverance and the character of a team. And I could not be more proud to be a Mavs fan! Dirks humility, combined with Jets humor, add in Kidd’s years of dedication, throw in Chandlers aggressive defense ability, Marion’s funky free throws and JJ’s quick feet…YOU’VE GOT CHAMPIONS. the mix of all of these amazing athletes just allowed watching them be even more fun!

Proud Dallas resident. Proud Texan.

“To God be the glory!”- Jason Terry


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