Good Morning, Wyoming!

Yesterdway, day 2 in Wyoming was an amazing day! We drove to pick up my Aunt and Uncle at the airport which isn’t far from our house at all! And we gave them a tour of the horses and the house when we returned! After that we all hoped in one of the cars and went to the Grand Teton National Park….WOW it was beautiful! We saw two moose..moose’s? I have no idea haha! Anyway we saw them and we also saw lots of deer type animals…in the same family, at least. So gorgeous. I can’t begin to describe the love and comfort I find in traveling to new paces like this, I wrote a letter to a friend yesterday and described traveling as finding pieces of myself I didn’t even know were missing! Every new adventure, every new animal….I just can’t get enough. And of course the company here is wonderful too. I have loved being with Mom, Dad and Travis! Aunt T and Uncle Rick have added some fun into the group as well.

It’s 7:15 here and I have been awake since 6:30! I had a peaceful quiet time praying that God would remind me anew this morning that in my life the OLD has gone and the new is HERE! Thank you Lord that I don’t have to stay where I’ve been.

Pictures later!


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