Whyoming: Day 1

I had an amazing post about our first day here in Wyoming but my internet crashed:( UGH! Ok I will have to update yall more later in a heartfelt post but it’s basically amazing! Our house is INSANE and I have been so blessed to travel the way I have this summer. Exactly what I’ve needed. Renewal. Beauty. Rest. I need more and more of it. And I am hoping to get just that on this trip.

Pictures aren’t working as of right now so I will try again tomorrow!

Again sorry this is such a quick post but I JUST had a big long one posted until the internet went down! GRRRR!

Ok I am back…it’s the morning after I wrote the beginning of this! Let’s try pictures again.

Hot tub on the roof!

This one is my bedroom which seriously might have THE worlds most comfortable bed! Ahhh I love it!

Dad and I reppin some Wyoming style;)

Mom meeting our horses for the week

Travi and Dad...makin friends!

The barn

The barn has a rock climbing wall inside!

Front of the house

Inside is dreamy!

Many more picture to come I am sure..in a an hr or so we will pick up my Aunt T and Uncle Rick from the airport and the fun will officially begin!