Renovation and a fun day in the sun :)

Did a little renovation on my blog! And I’ve gotta say I’m liking the look:) Today was a day fun of sunshine! I was with my little Tori Berlin in McKinney and my best friend Georgia met up with us at the Stonebridge Country club for a very relaxing and FUN day! Tori is so sweet and was the joy of my Highschool years…I have “nannied” her since she was a weeee little one and I must say coming home after my sophomore year I wasn’t expecting a 6-year-old to remember memories from 4 and younger..but she shocked me and made me so happy remembering not only fun things we did together, like catching tadpoles, or riding around in their “gator”, but she also remember how much I LOVE HER! She was instantly my sweet Tori again and today was as normal and sweet as ever! It was a fun day and Tori never ceased to crack me up! She told me that she didn’t want me to go back to school or ever get a job..She thinks it’s best I stay and play with her all the time. To be loved like this is a blessing.

Love her

Hehe this was when Tori decided to put sunscreen on herself!



Tomorrow we are headed to Wyoming…I CANT WAIT! The cabin we’re staying at….is supposed to be amazing! And they have horses we get to take care of and RIDE! I couldn’t be more excited!



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  1. Aawww…sweet memories and sweet times ahead. This brought a tear to my eye and I know that’s completely shocking to you. haha We love you!

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