This Morning

This morning I woke up I felt thankful! With the first breathe I took this morning I said..THANK YOU LORD! My Mom pointed out yesterday on the drive back from Camp that when she was at Passion Francis Chan was there and he spoke about being thankful for every breathe he breathes…WOW I want to be like that..My Dad is sermons has been speaking on, humility and unity but also he has added into his series the importance of making less of yourself. Realizing I deserve nothing NOTHING at all. I think I am getting to that point, I FULLY understand what a sinner I am in my heart and mind but I am not living it out and SHOWING other grace and serving them.

Lord I pray you would break me down even more and remind me I AM NOTHING. So I can be everything for you. Today Lord as I visit VBS with my Dad and help Mom pack up for the new house…remind me that I am nothing and everything, every person who comes into my life is  agift sent from you. Don’t let me take this day for granted. I love you so much, help me show it!

Thank you for sending Jesus to die for every small, big and stupid sin I have ever commited against you. Thank you for loving me anyway. Continue to love me please. I am so unworthy, but your grace covers me completely. Praise be to God!

PS sorry about any spelling errors! Spell check isn’t working at the moment.


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