So I have been freaking out over the mavs since we swept up the Lakers in that series…That last game the Laker acted like such punks and my love for the Mavs, especially Dirk grew!

What a humble and experienced team Dallas has! We’ve won the Western Conference by beating OKC

and now we are playing the heat… their scary. Haha Wade is an amazing athlete and so is LeBron. The thing I think is different about them vs us is they are very young and pretty much show offs. Dunking every chance they get..but what do we expect? They are from Miami;)

Anyway last night Georgia, my best friend from High School, Elsa, my big in Pi Phi, and my cousin Stephanie all went to the AAC to watch the game on the big screens and let me tell you…IT WAS PACKED OUT WITH FANS! and SOOO FUN!

We won it in the last few seconds of the game and we were all going CRAZY! It was awesome and I’m so happy we ended up going!!!

NEXT GAME SUNDAY NIGHT and it’s home for the next 3 games…We need to wrap this up!


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