A little more about me!

I took this all off of my about me to add my favorite quote! Anyways here is pretty much all any cyper-stalker needs to know about me!

I am the Vice President of Event Planning for the Texas Zeta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. I have loved college so far and couldn’t be more excited about my next two years!

I love my family..more then words can describe. I know that’s cliché but it’s the truth. They have molded me into the person I am and who I will become. Without them this world would be a very sad place.

My Dad is my hero, inspiring me daily through the life he has chosen, a life lived not for Him but for our savior Jesus Christ. My Mom is my best friend, her laugh is the soundtrack to my childhood and her beauty is enthralling.

My twin sister, Whitney, is my hope. Her love for me holds tightly even when I fail.

My little brother Travis, isn’t so little anymore. He’s the artwork to my summers. He could not be more talented or creative.

I have a passion for adventure. And as one can see I love animals. A past dream of mine was to become a veteranarian..that dream has been altered a little but maybe someday I’ll purchase that doggy in the window.


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