Catalyst 2011

This morning I had no idea what was upon me. I knew I was going to Catalyst and I knew I would be challenged and maybe hear a few favorite songs. I had no idea what God would ask of me. But he has asked and I am answering with obedience. I am coming to my parents in hopes that they will left a burden I placed on myself. I didn’t think this would be something I would share with them anytime soon. Maybe in a few years when we could all laugh about it not during the still healing process.

But I do believe that complete and total freedom comes from complete and total surrender and an undoing of ones self. Because as long as you bottle things up the MORE it hurts.

I thought that I would have secrets to the grave but guess what they’re never really secrets. God knows. You know he knows, you’re just too afraid to admit it to Him..or maybe you HAVE admitted it to Him and you know what, you were fine when you told Him, it wasn’t even that hard! My next challenge for you is maybe the next step is that God is telling you to tell SOMEONE else.

What? Tell someone else MY secret? The one I have held onto for all this time? NO WAY! This would ruin me. What would they think? Who else would they tell???

Friend it isn’t about them.

It’s about you. It’s about you being able to live a free life. A life where you have no weights on your shoulders and no heavy heart. I’ve been living this life with a heavy heart and I can’t do it anymore


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