Mother’s Day

Oh what a day! To celebrate birth, life and the women who have given us both…I am joyful! This morning I was able to attend Park Cities. I love being here. It reminds me of my childhood and my Dad did yet another amazing job, preaching the gospel and applying the message not just to Moms, but to all of us!

I can not begin to describe the influence my Mom has had over me. Rasing twins and then a little boy, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Mom trying to get me to ballet classes or flute recitals, just practicing these things weren’t ever on my to-do list. From dating punks to skipping youth group (once, never again!) I put my Mom through a lot, and I know I wasn’t as kind as I could have been in my preteen years. A fire-ball of a little girl, always quick to speak and very slow to listen, I couldn’t be more proud today to tell y’all that I’m actually more like my Mom than I ever realized. I wear my title proudly..Little Stac, I am!

I love you, Mom!



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