Finals Grind

I’m currently taking a quick 10 minute break from studying for finals…could this BE anymore stressful? Most of my classes are going to end up fine but it’s always frustrating to me to be at the end of the semester and think about how EASY my classes could have been if I had just stuck to it earlier and not been so nonchalant about grades until…NOW!

Studying for my last final, Political Science right now and let me tell you, this is NOT my cup of tea!But I am studying in the Baylor Law School Library…appropriate for this final I believe. Hope I don’t get kicked out

In better news: Looks like I will be receving an A in french.. Heureux de lui..Meaning “happy about it!”

MUCH more to come on my first day of summer…tomorrow! Can’t wait to play with my blog more and more!




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