>Senior Fashion Show

>This weekend Baylor will host a fashion show filled with garments from the best of the best, seniors that is. The Baylor Senior Fashion show is a show filled with Senior Fashion major’s final collection. It will not be a night to miss.
At 2 and 7 p.m. on May 1, in the Barfield Drawing Room there will be a runway set up to show the seniors collections.

Visual Merchandise students coined the theme for this year’s big night. “Going Vogue: A Reflection In Time.” Some say it was a play off of Sarah Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’.

Andie Day, senior fashion major and a designer who will be show casing her works filled us on all the behind the scene work. “Well it’s way more than anyone realizes. I guess the main thing is you have to have clothes at a fashion show, and we made them so, we’ve been working on this pretty much since Christmas break. That’s when our first assignment was.”

Through patterns and nights of sowing the designers have given all of their time to this day. “It’s a ton of work even just getting all my models to be able to come and get fitted has been tough.” Andie has 6 models walking this weekend showing a total of 12 pieces. “My favorite outfit is probably the wide leg pants with the floral top.” Day sowed all of her outfits and sketched them as well.

In preparation for the show Day has some special guests to get her models runway ready. “I have some friends coming in to town to do hair and makeup. Their names are Liz and Britain. I met them through movies I styled for and they did hair and make-up. Their cool, (they) lots of tattoos.” Day said.

“I can’t wait to be in the show.” Said junior English major Tori Poole. “She asked me to walk in it along time ago and her clothes are so awesome so I am really excited.” So is Days family, they will be coming down from Dallas to see the show. “My whole family is coming into town, even my older brother. My parents are very excited because this is a big deal that I’m done and graduating!”

This is a picture of Tori Poole modeling one of Andie Days jackets that can be seen in her senior collection.


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