>Dedicated to DIA

Every year since 1934, Baylor University dedicates a day to the Bears’, diadeloso, the school’s mascot. It is a collegiate holiday for Baylor and many students couldn’t be more excited. “It’s my first DIA and I can’t wait!” Said Jessica Wilson, freshman, Public Relations major. Students seem to hype up the day so much that many professors don’t both having class the Friday after. The day is filled with fun on campus, tables from many Greek organizations can be found along with other campus social groups. “Last year I worked the Pie a Pi Phi booth, it was hilarious!” Said sophomore communications major, Whitney Warren. This year Baylor has decided on the theme of ‘Deep in the Heart of Dia.’ Tanks will be available in all campus housing lobbies or cafeterias.

Off campus, 10Th street sponsors their own mini DIA by renting jump houses, and the long awaited fraternity men showing off through a basketball tournament. Last year the men were surprised with a visit from some other players, the Baylor basketball team to be more specific! The men rode up in a golf cart for their arrival on 10Th street. Swarmed with sorority girls anxious for pictures, as the fraternity brothers seemed to just cross their fingers that they weren’t about to be challenged and ultimately publicly humiliated!

Most fraternities have house parties with water slides, and other forms of entertainment.
Sorority girls dress out in Nike shorts and tanks that represent their clubs. Neon is the color scheme of the day.

Photo credit: Baylor.edu

While many Baylor students keep it “fratty”, professors are excited for the day off as well! It is a win win day for both staff and students! So enjoy the day off and be safe!



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