>Founders Day


Today is Founders Day for Pi Beta Phi. Every sorority has a day that is dedicated to their founders and a chance for the current members to learn more about their past leaders.
Pi Beta Phi Fraternity was founded on April 28, 1867, at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. Pi Phi was founded as IC Sorosis. The name was changed to Pi Beta Phi in 1888.
These random facts are just a few that will be shared in our Founders Day meeting this afternoon. We plan to have food, drinks, games and even a guest speaker! One thing that is very special this year is a game show we call, Pi Phi Panel. Past Pi Phis who are now on our AAC, advisory councel, will be asked questions about their time at Baylor. From favorite memories to the differences they see now, it will all be shared and I can’t wait!
Last year was a great time of fellowship and friends and I think this year won’t look any different.
I am honored to be apart of such a wonderful organization with such amazing women by my side!


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