>Great Upcoming Event!

>This year, on April 9th Baylor University will celebrate its 25th year of Stepping Out. Stepping Out is one day out of the year that Baylor students come together to help those in need in the Waco community.

“If someone has a need, we want to meet it,” says Lindsey Warner, sophomore non-profit marketing major out of Houston and member of Stepping Out Committee.

This year the Committee is aiming high and hoping to meet their goal of 3,000 volunteers. Stepping Out is always filled with a diverse group of people, from sororities to groups of friends, professors and families; they all come with the same goal in mind, to make a difference.

“Last year I went to Stepping Out with my pledge class, and we had so much fun!” Warner recalls.

Stepping Out has been announced in chapel through PowerPoint, video clips in the libraries, as well as a slide in the All University Sing PowerPoint that played between acts.

“It’s easier than you’d think to get the word out on campus about events coming up! We try to use as much visual devices as we can, to get college students attention!” Warner said.



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