>Keep on trucking

>recently I’ve been feeling like I’m just kinda living..one day to the next I’m not sure its cause I’m not crazy busy like I usually am or if being on break and the laziness that comes with that has taken over. I’ve been really checked out with my relationship with God besides occasional prayers..and this isn’t OK! Cause I need God more then ever in my life..my one CONSTANT thing that will never change! It’s funny how God can remind you of how you’ve neglected Him..my wake up call was from a facebook status…are we surprised??? Hehe

“We must understand that Satan can work through anyone, even those who are close to us. That is why it is dangerous to expect too much of the people around us. When we expect them never to hurt us, we set ourselves up for disappointment. They are flesh and blood, just as we are. We have to realize that they are going to fail just as we do. Therefore, put your trust not in people but in Jesus.”

this really hit home for me because I put alot of trust and value into people and often I predict how friendships are going to turn out or if this person has my back or not and this quote really puts me back in check! No matter who it is that I lean on for strength or look too for encouragement they WILL let me down. Gods approval of me will never change and He always has my best intrest at heart…
SO thank you God
I pray that you would continue to pull my heart closer and closer to yours so that I can’t be swayed! Please Lord capture my heart again with you awesome GRACE and LOVE my worth and approval is found in YOU. Remind me of that and don’t let other distractions come into my heart.
I love you!!


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