>I am very thankful tonight..while things have been a rollercoaster recently I am thankful. I am thankful that God has given me a new peace in my life that even though I don’t always think things are going according to plan they are going to fit in perfectly with His! Thank you Lord! We had our staff Christmas party a few nights ago at the Haskins and it was so wonderful to be with all the families and eveyone on staff! Such a reminder to whitney and I as to what Godly families should look like and that God must be the center of those. Also seeing how deep relationships go when God is in them and when His hand is there…My family got back from a little surprise trip to South Lake town square..we stayed at the Hilton and did alot alot alot of shopping for Christmas presents! Had to think twice about who all I needed to buy for!…So thankful for loving parents who think up fun things to do with the family!

It’s hard to always trust God with things going on in life but one thing that isn’t hard is being thankful and recognizing what we have!


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