>"Blue Christmas without you?"

>My Dad often does sermons on having a “blue Christmas” or he speaks on how many times Christmas memories are painful for some because Christmas reminds them of the ones they have lost in their lives…and in a way this year I have lost two of my best friends..and I say this openly on this blog because there is only a handful of people who read this. Mr. Gamble, being one of my most unique friends went to be with the Lord and I will miss him so so much but I KNOW he is home for Christmas and I REJOICE in his home going! God has been so FAITHFUL through Mr. Gambles passing and I have grown more as a christian in one week than I have in a VERY long time. The other friend that I have lost isn’t from a death but from a closing of a relationship. Really getting closure from Sterling, and knowing that our time as boyfriend and girlfriend has ended has caused pain but also has been exactly what is needed for me at this point in my life. Sterling feels that the Lord might be calling him to move on and in that process I will eventually lose a best friend. I know this sounds like I’m terribly sad & while yes much of this hasn’t been easy to deal with especially the longing to tell Mr. Gamble all about it but God has been FAITHFUL and he WILL ALWAYS be.
My challenge for myself this Christmas is to really focus on what I have…the gifts I have and how I can put them in action to glorify God. God has given me gifts that can not be found under a tree..so why should I ignore those for materialistic things???? How about I recognize this Christmas the gifts GOD has given me and see how I can use them for his glory this next year??!! What a meaningful Christmas this could be for me…
And another challenge I have for myself is to take these pains and these longings of lose of friendships and channel all that energy towards SEARCHING for a friendship in God. Finding that the truest meaning of Christmas can be found in our hearts all year round…
A present that started in Bethlehem and ended with blood shed on Calvary. A present of LIFE. ETERNAL LIFE with our Lord JESUS CHRIST! What a Christmas this will be if God becomes my everything…Lord I put all my trust in you..I do not lean on my own understandings!


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