>Mr. Gamble has gone to be with the Lord…I miss you already

>One of my best friends Mr. Gamble has gone to be with Jesus. I’ve never lost anyone this close to me before and it is a strange feeling….A feeling of happiness and peace that he isn’t hurting but also a feeling of sadness because I miss him and I won’t be able to see him anymore…
When someone dies I guess it really shakes the world around them..the world they leave behind. Mr. Gamble was one of my best friends and memories with him will not fade fast..I wonder if God lets people in heaven know when they are being missed. I kinda hope he does because then Mr. Gamble will know how much I miss him..I already miss him so much! I know he is so happy now and he is running around in heaven seeing all his old friends and his love of his life. I can’t be selfish and wish I had more time with him because in the end he was hurting so much but oh how I’ll miss him! It’s a weird feeling knowing someone is gone….but I’ll see you again Mr. Gamble and I can’t wait till then! I love you so much!

“Fly to Jesus and live.”


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