>Where is my worth found?

>Isn’t it interesting when all that you thought would stay the same forever changes before you even realize what you did messed everything up. God I’m really trying to see your work in all of this but all I can focus on is how hard this is. I never wanted it to be the way it has turned out but who can I blame besides myself? My actions have caused a lot of things to change and now I’m stuck living with the consequences. Lord please give me strength as I find out more and more how my worth is not determined by worldly relationships or by other people but that my worth is found in you. Please please give me a strong realization of this God because I can’t deal with this alone. I love you!

Please let Mr. Gamble stop hurting…My visits with him this past week were so wonderful but the swelling in his hands is really hurting him….Please help him! And I pray you continue to give Denise strength and peace! I love them so much!


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