>My BAD!

>I have been a very very unfaithful blogger the past few weeks! I ahve good reason though…I’ve been sorting out my life! Haha! College has really taken its toll…through new relationships..old ones putting them back together after problems have come but one thing I am sure of Gods hand is at work in my life in a huge HUGE HUGGGGEEE way! I am so greatful for my friendship with Jesus Christ! A recap of the past few weeks would be tmi for a blog but the jist of it is I kinda lost myself and really poured myself into a relationship that I knew all along wasn’t meant to be and through that I really hurt someone I love….Of course that person…being the kind of guy he is has been nothing but wonderful as I pick up the pieces of my mess. I love how Jesus shines through other people. People in your life can be a glimpse of Christ love…imagine how much he must love you if NO one on earth can love like him. After messing up these past few weeks and really pushing people away who loved me I can see how much they love me to bring me back in and say look you messed up but here I am. Jesus does that every second of everyday for EVERY person on the PLANET! His love is unbelievable the worst of the worst people can come back to him countless times and he never turns them away….WOW! Jesus doesn’t run on a three strikes your out kinda love His love is unconditional and will take you back EVERY single time. How can this be? How can he take me back for every bad though I’ve ever had an rude comment any twisted word. EVERYTHING he can forgive. We had an ahmazing speaker this week at chapel…he used to be in the mofia in the 90s and his whole presence was that of a mofia man…I loved it! He shared his testimony of how the Lord brought his wife into his life and how she was a chrisitian at one point this man was bringing in 8millions dollars a week in stolen money….all of the things he did are things that “normal people” will never do and yet he has turned his life around and knows Gods love for him! Oh how I wish everyone could understand how much God loves us and how he is pursuing everyones hearts! I pray that people will be one to love of God so that they can understand how LOVED they are as children of God. God has loved and will continue to love his children no matter how far they stray….Praise God that there are people in my life that practice the love of Christ and accept me back everytime I mess up…even when I don’t deserve it…

Jesus I just want you to shine your light on me!


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