>Less of me MORE of YOU!

>It has been a crazy first semester and this past weekedn I got to go on the freshman spiritual retreat..it RAINED the whole time…but it was perfect the rain just furthered Gods call for us all to relax and just enjoy the weekend…I’ve felt a strong calling on my heart recently. And I know it’s God telling me to finally give over the last pieces of my life to Him…what that is I haven’t exactly figured out…I’m realizing it’s time to abandon all that I know and have known so I can pick UP MY CROSS. I have never felt such a pull on my heart until now…as everything around me changes GOD stays constant. I’m asking Him to become my best friend…before all else I want Him! He is the one who I need and want to live for! I am so excited for all that He is going to bring into my life…I feel like I’m growing closer and closer to Him even know. I know God has a calling on my life that is so SO much bigger then me! Guess it’s time to find it!

Missing everyone back at home! I wish you all were here!
I love you Mr. Gamble! Don’t forget your my best friend!


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