>About 1 MORE WEEK

>I am happy to announce that summer school is coming to a beautiful end! YAY! I really have not had the best time here…it hasn’t been terrible knowing that it is temporary but if this is how my whole college career was gonna go lets just say my new fav saying would be…”do you want fries with that?” DROPOUT
haha But classes are going great and I’m super happy to know that summer school is winding down and everyone will be her so I will have many many more ppl to pick from when it comes to friends! I’m so excited to meet my new roomie Lindsey! I think were going to get along grrrreat she seems so sweet! I’ve learned alot this summer and I’m really proud of myself for doing this..pretty much on my own and really growing and becoming very resposible…guess I’m growing up? EWW No way. I’ll be responsible and all that but I am NOT growing up! Seriously I wanna act like a kid forever. And I’m planning on it! Yesterday I Ichatted with Sterling and his pretty sisters! It was so fun to see everyone on their! Oh and not to mention even baby Graham said hi! I can’t wiat for him to start crawling…that’s when babies really get fun! Plus I won’t be scared to drop him cause he is so tiny right now….hmmmm what else is new? I’m anxiously awaiting my grade back from my 15question Christian Scriptures class! The grades should be up veryyyyy soon:) I think I got a 100! OHHH I HOPE I DID! I think I’ll go check and do homework and go run and go to bible study! Good plan XOXOX
I love you all and wish you were here


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