>I hate titles..I guess should be studying but blogging?

>Ok so whats new…I think I’ve told most everything that has been going on…I’m quiet happy to announce I’ve found a pretty good group of friends for this summer..They are fun but I still really miss Whitney and Georgia! BriAnn spent 2 nights with me this weekend. Wish I could have seen a bit more of her but Ben is here so you know how that goes! (Yes I know your probably reading this BriAnn) Anyway I got a 100 on my first test! I’m sure I wrote that in my last blog but my first exam is this friday and I didn’t study very well for it today because I was SO tired! So I slept for 4 HOURS this afternoon and I still feel like I could sleep…So basically the next part of my week is going to be study study STUDY! Which I don’t really mind because I like my Christian Scriptures class! I have grrrreat news about this weekend! Sterling and I are going to Henderson! Oh I’m so happy! We were originally going to go to Austin but since I’m not just crazy about college life I didn’t feel like going to another college town to see more college people…plus we have the rets of our college careers for me to go to Austin so I’m so happy to stay in a house in my own room! With my own shower! AND NO ROOMMATE…Not that I don’t love Meredith cause I do! So anyway I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world and he is coming on thursday to see his roomie Jed who lives here in Waco and then we will leave Friday after my test at 1130! It is greatness! I’m a bit worried though because I can’t remember when I’m supposed to meet with Cici or if my mentor is back from where ever the heck she went…SHE NEVER EMAILS ME BACK! Annoying! So I didn’t think anything was due in my CS class today but I woke up and checked my email that I sent Dr. Holleyman and he had told me there was! So I wrote a response this morning to the thing I had accidently read the first week of class….Isn’t that crazy how God looked out for me?! I read the wrong thing and was so mad but now I see that I read that BECAUSE God knew I wouldn’t have time to read it this morning! Weird stuff! I’m tellin ya! So my family is on vacation right now in our favorite place in the world…estes park colorado…would have been my 12th year to go with them and I’m here. SO I better make the best of it and get a 100% on my exam! that’s all I’m saying! Anyway I guess I’ll go look over my notes and then hit the sack! Can’t wait for this weekend with the Hot Uncle! Swayneeeeee
I love you all to pieces and wish you were here


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