>Almost normal night in Waco

>First things FIRST..I got a 100 on my first COLLEGE TEST! Like I was soooo happy and couldn’t beileve it!:) It’s because I pray before I study and before the test and just say Dear God please help me remember this in my head and heart. Cause it’s my christian scriptures class….So tonight was a pretty fun night…kinda get used to this. I went to see Harry Potter with a few girls from my dorm and had lots of fun! The movie was great we were all laughing and talking about stuff…they’re weren’t too many awkward moments but later on in the night when we added to our group it got a little weirder. I really just miss my family because they are the best friends and here I haven’t found those and REALLY don’t think I will till fall…tomorrow should be fun! Were going to the lake or pool or somehting so I’m excited to get my tan on! Working out tomorrow morning with my girl Thelma! (well maybe depends on when I wake up). Meredith is gone for the night so I’m in my room by myelf…loving it! And surprisingly I don’t get that scared at night when I’m here by myself. I would think I would be but I feel pretty safe I guess. Hmmm what else I dunno I’m just kinda here not really loving it but not really hating it just kinda here. I really miss Sterling too..He’s in Maine right now with his family. I hope that in college we can do this. I believe we can and I know that if God wants us to be together we will be. Right now Sterlings one of my strong holds and that can be dangerous. When God thought that Abraham might make his only son Isaac an Idol in his life God asked Abraham to give him as a living sacrafice..I’m not saying I’ll ever kill Sterling or he’ll ever kill me..haha but if it ever did get to the point where we put eachother higher then our relationship with God, then that maybe something that God would wnat us to do. I know Sterling would back me up in saying that as much as he loves me..I will never be God and I will never be his everything. God has to be that for him first and God has to be that for me first too. I’m learning that in college right now. I’m learning who I really am and what I want to stand for, what I want people to think of when they think of me. So that is a random rant…but the Abraham story is what we’ve been studying in my CS class lol so it’s been on my mind alllll week!
so ok goodnight now! XOXO I may go back and reword this/edit later its kinda crazy right now

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