>First college response!!

>Ok so I’m in college now and I don’t even know where to begin with this blog! I’ll start with the most recent…I took my trash can out of the bathroom because my sweetmate put a GIANT WAD OF NASTY HAIR IN IT!! Ewww is it wrong of me to take out my trash can? Yes..but right now it’s just to spite her! hehe I’ll put it back in later I promise! So college is so not my thing, I miss my family like crazy! I hate not being iwth my parents because there my best friends and as of right now I haven’t exactly found my group of girls..but on a positive note: I met some awesome christian girls tonight named Kim and Alexza…we went to bible study together downstairs at Dawson and I just felt so happy to meet them and tomorrow Kim and I are going to breakfast together!:) Yay! SO my first weekend at Baylor was veryyyy eventful the first night was TERRIBLE just a bunch of bad situations put all together made for an ick night so I was extremely happy when I talked my new friend(?) into driving me back to Dawson where I iChatted with Sterling and of course cried my head off to him…while leaving my parents a message of me bawling at 2 in the morning..Sorry Mom! But OK time to be positive! Classes are going pretty well my first professor Mr. Firmin is great! She’s a sweet sweet lady and on the first day of class she said I looked so pretty..and we all know how I looooove compliments! My next class is Christian Scriptures with Dr. Holleyman who is pretty cool but I’m still not sure what all the fuss is about him! But I will find out! Soooo mainly I’m super excited for Whit and BriAnn to get here! My strong hold but it’s also good for me to be away from them for now. FIgure things out on my own and figure out who I AM going to be in college. I’ve seen the party scene and KNOW and have always known it’s not for me! I want to be in the will of God and be in his path so that he can make mine straight. I’m very excited for my walk with the Lord but at the same time I’m realizing more and more what I have left behind in McKinney. I love McKinney and always will but Waco is my home now…and I have to figure out how to love it.

More later XOXO I love you all!