>July fourth weekend

>Well I just got back from H-Town..Henderson TX. Honestly one of my favorite places on the earth. I feel so at peace when I’m there, and I can’t put my finger on why. Maybe it’s the way the people kinda walk slower, drive slower, talk slower. The fast pace life isn’t lived in Henderson. And things don’t seem to matter as much when I’m there, I’m just lost in time almost. Who knows maybe it’s cause my phone never has service but I think there’s definitely something special about a town like that.
It’s the way family’s come together and how a town raises a child into who they are and into who they are to become. It’s the yes ma’am, yes sir that you hear all the time, it’s the door being held as a girl comes into the room, it’s the way everyone seems to know when I come into town.
There’s many more things that can make an outsider wanna look twice when they pass through. you just can’t find that kind of life anywhere in the city. It’s a magical thing.
I loved this weekend mainly because I’ve become quiet the patriot since being home from Europe…so happy 233rd birthday America! I love you!:)
Sterling met his roommate for UT this past week, Jed, he lives in Waco so Sterling came and got me (very much out of the way) on his way home. We had a blast with friends on Friday night, went over to Corey’s‘ for some pizza and cards.. Often I find myself being the only girl at some Henderson events. But the best part is I think I’m the only one who notices;) So S and I had a blast trying to learn how to play cards from Kolby…a great teacher I’m just not the best listener! S and I got hungry and headed to KFC Taco Bell…had a great time people watching. Who knew there was such a diverse group of people in a east Tx fast food restraint around 9pm! After that we headed to MoJoes with Mr. Hill who kindly treated us to some smoothies and my fav vanilla iced latte! I met an interesting character named Boatright? Bootright? Hmmm I’ll have to ask S cause I can’t remember haha. He was the ultimate country man…just your good ole boy (who happens to be divorced, living with his Mom, 6’3 like 300 pounds!) Gotta love him! Then we went to Matts house where everyone was swimming and Sterling created a new pool game where he goes limp and floats around like a dead body…very fun! Minus Corey convincing me to throw a not so harmless half lime at Sterling which ended up in his eye…who knew I had such GREAT aim and that speedy of a throw?
Happy birthday America! I woke up and was very excited knowing that Katie, Sterlings sister, her hubby Josh and their new born Graham would be in soon! Sterling and I got ready for the party while waiting for them to get there…I cleaned up the porch (learned how to sweep haha) and put up flags while Sterl did the “man work” cleaned the grill, the pool and I’m sure lots of other things I can’t remember! Once K and J got there with Graham… the fun began! I was super nervous to hold Graham so when Josh offered him I was hoping no one was watching as I fumbled to “support the neck Emily”-My mom before this trip. I think Mr. Hill was the only one to catch my clumsiness with Graham. 😉 Then we headed BACK to MoJoes for some oh so yummy sandwiches. Next: Party time…domino’s, swimming, washers, basketball, watermelon, hot-dogs, hamburgers, party crashers, homemade ice-cream, and even a red and white bikini made this a GREAT 4Th celebration! I know I had a blast! After Sterlings house we headed to Ashley’s lake house to meet up and then drive to the country club to watch a fireworks show…which sadly didn’t happen but we had fun sitting on the dock by the stinky lake…well most of us did. Ends up somehow Matty Patty lost his phone..whether it fell in the water is still up for discussion. We all piled into Sterlings four runner since the show didn’t end up happening do to TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES?! What?! Anywhoooo All 7 of us pile into his 5 seater (keep that in mind for later in the story). Front seat= great mood. Back seat not so much. So blah blah drove back into Henderson stopped at Sonic, got a movie, all piled back in…Jim decided he needed to drive so since we were like 5 seconds away from Sterlings house I hoped into the front seat with Sterling and Jim (2 seats in front=2 seat belts) Grant, Corey, Matt and Rebekah in the back seat (3 seats in back= 3 seat belts) As were driving of course there is a cop who sees us and as he does Sterling says “get back Emily get back!” Wanting me to get in the back with those 4?! I don’t think so! NO room! But being a sweet gf I kinda attempt to hide a lil bit..In doing so Corey pops open his recently bought coke and it spills EVERYWHERE. Mean time Jim is freaking out and the cop put on his lights…Long story short..Jim didn’t have his license, he was recklessly driving, WITH NO HEADLIGHTS ON..stupid…and we had like 7641872 more things that could have cost us a pretty penny! Luckily S is very much the talker and we drove away without even a warning. Thanks Sterlin! We all get back to Sterlings house I mean all when I say all! Me, Sterling, Jim, Grant, Corey, Matt, Rebekah, Kolby, Lauren, Carson, Harold, Marissa and Krystin. Probably forgetting someone. We watch friday the 13th…all I have to say about that is ICK! No bueno!
Wimbledon…for like ever Andy Roddick lost boo whooo some switzerland Fedderie? Federick? Wait did I just add there last names together? well anyway that guy won. Had a great lunch with Sterlings family (minus Mrs. Hill who was in Florida all weekend) had a mini ping pong game..I was surprisingly good…Walk with Annie and S then the road trip home!
All in all this weekend was exactly what I needed before I dive head first into my next adventure called college…leave on Wed. But I’m so happy I got to see Sterling. He is the sweetest boy I have ever met, and he makes everything so much more fun. And he is one hot Uncle! I know that’s right!:)

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