>Slow DOWN!

>I’ve really be neglecting blogging but I’m tryin to get back on track! Today was a “getter done” kinda day with a to do list out the door! Lots of last minute graduating things up at school and sorority packets to finish up..head shots to pick and friends to play with:)! But today was also kinda sad cause Sterling left for Huwani for 4 weeks! I won’t be able to talk him for 4 weeks which will be absolutly impossible but we’ll see how it goes! I bought some Vera Bradley cards today in hopes their cuteness will inspirie me to write to him. Tomorrow is graduation practice and I can’t believe the time has finally come to graduate! How crazy is this?! But I must admit I’m getting very excited for college! Whit and I both got 02 rooms which are the largest on each floor…(props to Dad for havin the hook ups) All in all life is treating me pretty well…London is in 12 days! YAY! I have extreme camp this weekend which to be honest..I’m so over it:/ Mainly because we have project graduation until 530 the morning we leave! So really who can blame me? But Extreme camp will be a great time for me to finally (lets hope) relax and listen to God, it’s been a very very long time since that has happened so I’m crossing my fingers that God has something big planned for me at camp..I just need to relax about all the little annoying things and try to focus on him!
Well I’m off to write a letter (ick) to Sterling (YAY!)


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