>Weekend pictures


We had an awesome memorial weekend! From grad party to meeting Sterlings family in Sherman and even taking out some time to babysit…we had a blast! XOXOWe’re always known to have fun at the Berlins! Our barn party brought a whole new meaning to the word “fun”! They were the sweetest hostesses and the party could not have been any better!
Disco will never die!
Made time during our busy weekend to go to the Little Big Town concert…VIP of course;P Memorial day has two options..pool party or baseball game.
We picked the second choice:)All in all the weekend (like most recently) has gone by too fast! Trying to grab onto these last days in High School…it’s getting harder and harder to do so cause graduation is coming up fast! Before I know it I’ll be at Baylor…living my new college life! I’m excited but at the same time I know I’m going to miss my Mom and Dad so so much not to mention Travis and The Berlins along with my sweet best friend Mr. Don Gamble. Through it all God will be my one constant..I’m so thankful Hes given me the life I have! I wouldn’t change a thing….


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