>Grad parties..grad parties…GRAD PARTIES!

>So so many grad parties recently! We had the senior picnic last friday which was super fun! I was so proud of my sweet Georgi getting everything set up! She worked hard and it was quiet the success! It was weird having our whole senior class there..all in one place probably won’t ever happen again except for graduation! So Friday night was mine and Whitneys grad party that the Berlins hosted…I’ve gotta admit it was the best grad party I’ve been to so far..but hey I’m a lil biased! Sterling got in right before it, I was so busy at the party I didn’t get to hangout with him but we danced a little and then after alot of people had left and we were tired of dancing we all played hide and seek and truth or dare. Very middle school and yet so fun! Haha. On saturday Sterling and I drove to Sherman so I could meet his Aunt and Uncle…they were so nice! It’s always so fun to meet someone else in Sterlings family. They’re great people! We spent most the day talking with his family including cousins and kids of cousins:) Then we went to stonebriar…shopped and saw Angel and Demons! A must see! I loved it and Sterling did too! Ok so fast forward through saturday night onto sunday morning…Church..(great like always)…Then Grad party for my share group! I love all of them so much and I’m truely sorry I didn’t get to know them as well as I could have…I always love being with my sweet friend Mr. Gamble in the third hour so I skipped out on sunday school (tisk tisk I know) Sterling didn’t come to church because he had tickets to the byron nelson with friends. Sunday afternoon S and I babysat my Berlin girlies and took them to the Little Big Town concert…VIP of course;) Sterling was so sweet with the girls and so helpful! I just love that boy! Then today we went to the Rangers Yankees game…Rangers got killed! After the game we stopped at northpark for a little shopping. The S came home packed up and headed out, while I went to Curts graduation party and after that invaded the Davids family dinner. Long recap I apologize! All that to say it was a beautiful memorial day weekend and I’m happy to have the short week ahead!
PS BIG NEWS: I’m going to LONDON/WHALES with my best friend Georgia this summer!!!


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