>Saying Goodbye

>Well today I babysat my favorite little girl. Tori Berlin…I’ve been her nanny for a couple of years now and she is one of my best friends…yes a three year old is one of my best friends..as well as an 80somethin yr old but that’s not the point! We were making home videos, I call them “The Nanny Cam” Haha. And I was just listening to her talk zooming in on her little face and I know memories like these won’t fade fast. I remember the summer I first got to know T. I was over at their house almost ever day..Tori must have been 2 because she was just learning to potty train and if I do remember correctly she still wore pull ups in the pool. That whole summer it rained and Tori and I would watch TV on the big blue couch all day. I loved it! Looking back and seeing her so young and so little makes her look much bigger and older now..even though she’s just four. I know that probably sounds funny for those of you who have seen children grow into 20 year olds but to me Tori is the one person I’ve really watched grow up and she’s the one I feel like I’ve had an impact on her being a “big girl”. The thing is I’m not sure she’ll really remember me when she becomes a teenager..She’s very young now and I don’t know how much I can recall from being 4 and 5..I barely remember my little brother being born. But I’ve always known he was there. So maybe that’s all I can hope for..as Tori grows up and becomes a kid into a teenager and on maybe all I can hope for is that she’ll remember I was there..I was there on the rainy days, the sunny days, the adventures in the Kabooda, from tad pool catching to going to the beach club. T may not recall every second I was with her but I believe in her heart she’ll remember I loved her…and she loved me.


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