>First post:)

>So this is my first ever blog post… Pretty fun. So you may wonder why I decided to start a blog…I’m not sure yet. But I have never been good at keeping diaries so maybe something like this will be better. Tonight is prom..My second prom because I went to the Henderson prom a few weekends ago. I’m nominated for prom queen also which is always an honor to be nominated for these kind of things.  Sterling has been making fun of me all morning because my favorite thing about dances is getting ready super early! I love taking my time and making sure everything is perfect! Sterling and I are taking pictures with one group then going to the Berlins house so Dr. B can take some pictures  with his super nice camera… Then we are meeting up with Whitney and BriAnns group for dinner! I’m getting more and more excited as I type!I can’t wait to see all my great friends tonight! After prom we’re having a party at my house..a breakfast thing. Ending it at 3 so my Dad will have SOME energy for mothers day services tomorrow…

More exciting posts later I’m sure! Be safe tonight!

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